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Welcome to the Alignment San Bernardino County (SBC) home page! We're glad you are interested in learning more about us.  Alignment SBC was established in 2015 as a collaborative among business labor, education and community members to achieve the County of San Bernardino Countywide Vision goal of preparing all children from Cradle to Career.


Alignment SBC's mission is to transform lives through education. Working in collaboration with school districts, government and non-profit agencies, families, and our community partners, we provide leadership, advocacy, and services to ensure innovative, inspiring educational practices. This endeavor is essential to the quality of life and economic vitality of our communities.

Long Term Outcomes

Alignment SBC is the seventh community in Alignment USA, a network of communities engaged in collective impact to improve outcomes in the following key areas:

 Increase high school graduation rates
 Successful preparation for college
Completion of a college certificate or degree program by age 25
 Successful entry into local careers that provide family-supporting wages





What is Alignment SBC?

Alignment is like an operating system – it consists of four, systematically integrated tools that, when implemented with fidelity, align a community’s resources toward common goals or outcomes.


Principles: Guiding and Operating Principles are necessary to guide the collective work, provide accountability and remain focused on long-term, systemic change (as opposed to short-term interventions).

Structure: Engagement from key stakeholder groups at all leadership levels is crucial to effective resource alignment; the Alignment structure provides multiple points of engagement and leadership to develop community-based governance, peer accountability, and on-the-ground implementation.

Process: Changing outcomes requires changing how a community works together and uses its resources; the Alignment process provides a roadmap for identifying needs, developing collaborative solutions, and aligning resources.

Technology: Collaboration is made more effective and efficient through effective use of technology. Alignment has developed a collaborative portal that increases connections between partners and initiatives, monitors progress towards shared outcomes, and effectively manages the vast amounts of knowledge generated through the community’s Alignment efforts.


Communities across San Bernardino County are using these tools to align resources towards locally identified and shared outcomes. Communities involved in Alignment SBC include:

Alliance Work-Based Learning

Mountain Desert Economic Partnership

Growing Inland Achievement

California State University, San Bernardino Pathways to Logistics

Uplift San Bernardino

Quality Start San Bernardino

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