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Interested in working in the schools? Are you good at strategy development? Do you have equipment or materials to donate? Alignment SBC works to ensure each volunteer's talents and skills are leveraged in such a way that is mutually beneficial to all.

Invitation Opportunities Include:

  • Pathway Advisory Board
  • Career Speaker
  • Student Internship(s)
  • Job Shadowing
  • Project Collaboration with Teachers
  • Evaluation / Scoring of Student Projects
  • Teacher Externships
  • Mock Job Interviews

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Alignment SBC A-Teams

The work of Alignment SBC is organized and conducted by Action teams, or A-Teams. These specialized teams are led by community and educational leaders who bring a diversity of expertise and a passion for public education. The teams are overseen by the Alignment SBC Operating board, their effort is guided by objectives, and their results are systematically evaluated. Theses teams are established by Invitations to Participate (ITPs).


Communications A-Team

  • Adapt existing communication tools and resources
  • Develop and implement a regional communications plan
  • Promote regional and state policies that support pathways and quality and sustainability
  • Establish strategies for engaging community, faith-based and parent organizations


Pathway Quality and Fidelity A-Team

  • Assure new pathway themes align with regional workforce and economic development
  • Assist in the planning/conducting of leadership development
  • Support the development and adoption of a formalized graduate profile
  • Identify/promote best practices in student recruitment and pathway selection
  • Establish local systems of assessment and accountability tied to identified regional Hub of Excellence outcomes


Active Transitions A-Team

  • Address transitions from graduation to postsecondary and postsecondary to career
  • Identify and replicate best practices for successful transitions
  • Provide input on Work-Based Learning (WBL) activities that support transitions
  • Develop strategic partnerships among secondary and postsecondary institutions


Intermediary Network (WBL) A-Team

  • Develop WBL opportunities
  • Address barriers in providing WBL
  • Report WBL data to Operating Board
  • Align funding opportunities to support intermediary functions across industry sectors
  • Develop a digital badge system
  • Support career technical student organizations