What does the Alignment effort look like in San Bernardino County?

California State University, San Bernardino, The Inland Empire Economic Partnership, San Bernardino County, and San

Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) have joined forces to support the

development of Alignment San Bernardino County (Alignment SBC). County Schools’ Alliance for

Education will provide staff support for using the Alignment toolset to implement and monitor

the Regional Hub of Excellence (phase 1) and the Cradle to Career Roadmap (C2C-phase 2). This

effort, known as Alignment SBC, will implement the tools as follows:


Principles: A powerful board of key stakeholders from across the county have

developed and formally adopted Bylaws, Guiding and Operating Principles that

frame our collective work. Examples: the committee process is collaborative,

agendas of individuals and organizations are left at the door, outcomes are based

on the committee agenda, etc.


Structure: The collective “owns” the work of the Regional Hub of Excellence

supporting integrated pathway development using a Linked Learning approach

(phase 1) and the Cradle to Career Roadmap efforts (phase 2) supporting

achievement of the Countywide Vision. Collectively, we will ensure that we are

making progress toward shared outcomes, providing peer accountability for boards

and teams who are implementing the Hub and C2C. 


Process: Our boards and teams will use the Alignment process to create action

plans and engage the broader community in implementing the Regional Hub and



Technology: Alignment SBC maintains a portal to register community partners,

track community volunteer contributions, manage board and team work, and to

communicate all activities with partners and the public. This portal is used to

foster communication, provide transparency and maintain resources for the



For more information on Alignment SBC, please contact:

California State University, San Bernardino Department of Education

(909) 537-5645

Inland Empire Economic Partnership

(909) 944-2201

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Alliance for Education

(909) 386-2636