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Video Links

♦ ABLE Field Study Videos I URL I Vimeo

Do you want to increase your middle or high school students' engagement in STEM learning? Bring real-world STEM content into your classroom with the Alliance for Education's Applications by Business and Labor for Educators (ABLE) videos. Provided by Alliance for Education.

♦ A Day in the Life Videos I URL I YouTube

Provide middle and high school students the opportunity to peer into the world of work and possible career fields that they may not know exist. These videos feature professionals, from a variety of backgrounds, who speak honestly about the challenges they faced and overcame to find a satisfying career. Each video is coupled with information about the academic classes and technical skills needed to be successful in the featured career. Provided by ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career.

♦ Real Linked Learning Students I URL I Embedded Videos

A collection of photos of real Linked Learning students you can use to enhance your communication materials. This section also includes promotional videos featuring real Linked Learning students talking about the positive impact Linked Learning has had on their high school education and ability to reach their college and career goals. Provided by the Linked Learning Alliance.


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